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Who was involved...

Rural Wisdom took a community development and shared learning approach to explore the impact of community-based activities led by older people living in rural areas. Our mission was to help improve the lives of older people in rural communities across the UK by supporting them to use their voice and ensure that their communities work well for them. 

Working together

Rural Wisdom was a partnership project between Outside the Box, Volunteering Matters Cymru and the National Development Team for inclusion. Our three organisations work closely together to listen to older people in rural communities across the UK and empower them to deliver effective social change. Alongside our Rural Wisdom work we also do lots more to help improve the lives of people across the UK. Here’s a bit more about the work we do.

Logos for Outside the Box, Volunteering Matters, NDTi and National Lottery Community Fund

Outside the Box provides development support to groups and people across Scotland who want to make a difference in their communities. They were the lead partner for Rural Wisdom, and contributed to national policy and practice development across Scotland. Find out more about Outside the Box by visiting their website

Volunteering Matters Cymru delivers volunteering programmes and promotion of volunteering across Wales as well as contributing to national policy and practice development. Find out more about Volunteering Matters Cymru by visiting their website.

The National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi) design and deliver development and evaluation support to enable change to take place, including major policy and practice innovation for older people and other people with additional support needs across the UK. Find out more about NDTi by visiting their website.

The project would not have been possible without the collaboration and partnership from rural communities. We worked alongside nine communities of impact across Scotland and Wales. You can read about each of these communities in our areas of impact. 

Positive Partnerships

Our work involved collaboration with hundreds of important partners across the country from funders to community groups, from councils to volunteer organisations and everything in between. We also partner with those working on a wide range of issues in Wales and Scotland. We could not have such an impact without the support from these incredible organisations and teams, who are committed to supporting rural communities. Our partners are too numerous to list but you will find out more about who we work with in some of the blogs which share details about specific projects in our key areas of impact across Scotland and Wales. 

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Timeline Infographic

To find out more about any aspect of the project and chat with our team, contact us today via our contact us form, on 0141 419 0451 or via hello@ruralwisdom.org