Scotland and Wales

Scotland and Wales

River running past a house with hilly backdropRural Wisdom is a community development and shared learning project whose impact goes far beyond the specific communities we directly support. The projects run by our Community Workers in Scotland and Wales provide inspiration for others across the UK to help improve the lives of older people living in rural communities.

National network for change

In addition to the specific areas of impact featuring projects ran and supported by our team, we have also worked in other areas across Scotland. Our work in other communities was aimed at identifying if these areas faced similar issues to those we were already hearing about. We also worked hard to share our learning and approaches that may benefit these areas that had worked elsewhere. For example, in January 2019 we hosted a joint workshop in Pembrokeshire that included speakers from Highland Perthshire who shared how they are developing community based social care.

Positive partnerships

A hall containing stallsOur work involves collaboration and participation with hundreds of important partners across the country from funders to community councils to volunteer organisations and everything in between. We could not have the impact we do without the support from these incredible organisations and teams, united in our goal to enact positive change in and for rural communities. Rural Wisdom is a flexible project that was designed to evolve and it continues to do so with the ongoing support of our partners.

Policy in action

Rural Wisdom is a conduit for change as we connect those with the means to improve rural communities with the people who live there. Our activities provide the evidence for policy change and our local, regional and national gatherings provide a means of enacting this change by bringing it to the attention of policy makers and other key influencers across government. To find out more about the specific projects we have supported in local communities across Scotland and Wales, visit the areas of impact below or visit our blog page.

Stage one areas:

Eaglesham and Waterfoot | Highland Perthshire | North AngusLeeswood and Pontblyddyn | Milford Haven

Stage two areas:

Burghead, Hopeman and Cummingston| The Scottish Borders | The Dale Peninsula | Holywell

Map of Scotland and Wales with 9 areas highlighted