The role of care homes has been so important over the past few months, and many communities have realised that they can help people who live there and staff who work in care homes.

These are some of the things that we have been hearing about – both where the community helps the care home and the people involved in the care home are helping to community.

“We have received some lovely donations during lock down, the garden centre gave over £300 of outdoor potted plants when they had to shut down, and one gentleman in town did some fund raising and bought lots of toiletries which were donated to us for all our residents.”

“We have had people volunteer their time on sunny days to play music outside in the courtyard too which has really made a difference to the residents.”

“Ladies in the local area asked if we needed masks, aprons and similar equipment, as they were making some. We were ok for supplies but still very grateful as the lovely floral patterns are bright and cheerful.”

“We have a pipe band playing in our car park at weekends. Cheers us up and good for the neighbours too!”

“Staff got wifi and zoom set up so our residents can keep in touch with their family and friends. Now people living here are keeping in touch with friends who are stuck at home.”

The Rural Wisdom team thought about what we can do to help. This is what we’re planning.

  • Gathering stories and examples of communities in Scotland and Wales supporting care homes, and of people keeping in touch with friends and former neighbours when they can’t visit.
  • Sharing what we are hearing, to give people in other places ideas on what they can do
  • Reflecting on what has helped, to make it easier for people to get started.

You can help us by letting us know:

  • How has your community been doing more to support local care homes since Covid-19 began?
  •  How are people keeping in touch with people who now live in a care home?
  • What helped this get started and what is helping it keep going?
  • If you are part of a care home, what are the helpful things that the local community has been doing?

Send any notes to It will be great to hear from you.

Thank you to everyone who has told us about what’s been happening. For more information about Rural Wisdom visit our website.