By Shereen Devine 

I think many of my Blogs involve food, and this month is no different. Putting aside my obsession and love of food, I do believe it brings people together and helps to remove barriers. An example of this is the monthly lunch club held in Ysgol Derwenfa in Leeswood. This activity brings generations of the community together for a fantastic roast diner and pudding, the school cook “Auntie Julie” would give Jamie Oliver a run for his money, and I never manage to leave her kitchen without a bowl of cake and custard.

During February’s lunch club, we received a visit from the Head Teacher from Ysgol Maesglas in Holywell; they are familiar with the success and the positive effect of the Leeswood lunch club, and with our support, they will be hosting their own starting in April. I will look forward to telling you all about it.

Moving on to Holywell, we held afternoon tea with the Crawley’s, our first pop up the cinema of the year, and hopefully the first of many. Everyone who attended enjoyed the event; however, a few more people would have been welcome.

Keeping with the food theme, during Easter, The Holway Community Centre will be fitted with a new kitchen. Although Rural Wisdom has not arranged this, it will help improve our activities and events. In the meantime, we are going to be working with the Friends of Holway to paint, change the curtains and make the Centre a place that people want to visit and hold events. We are mindful that the condition of the building is an obstacle.

Like most Community Centres, there is a lack of funding available, so we will need to be relay on kindness and donations. If you are reading this in Flintshire and have spare, paint, brushes, are best mates with the DIY SOS team or can offer a helping hand, please do get in touch.