by Shereen Devine

Sunshine Cafe is the little Community Cafe that Rural Wisdom helped to develop in May 2018.

During this time, we have grown from strength to strength and gained some very loyal customers and priceless volunteers. We have also welcomed many visitors including, Warmer Wales; Age Connects, and a doctor seconded to falls prevention.

The cafe is an excellent way for an organisation to engage with community groups and individuals on an informal community level and allowing the community to contribute to national policy and engage with other organisations.

We do love to receive visitors, as we are all very proud of our little cafe, so we were delighted to hear that Neil Ayling the Chief Officer of Flintshire Social Services, wanted to visit us. We established the café to reduce loneliness and isolation; we felt we must have been doing something right. Neil spent time chatting with customers and volunteers. It was great to have an opportunity to promote the volunteers and the social value of the cafe.

Neil was joined by Councillor Christine Jones, Councillor David Wisinger and of Course, Leewood’s very own Councillor Ray. Christine and David have visited a few times now to see the work we’re doing. Ray is a regular in the café; he meets with two or three friends every week, they are the first through the door and argue over who is paying, as they all want to pay for each other.

The Rural Wisdom path will cross with Neil again next month as I will be attending a meeting with him and other organisations to discuss further development in the Holway, including a Rural Wisdom base in the community houses. I will look forward to sharing this with you.