by Anne Connor

People in Angus are continuing to have a say on how transport can be improved in their area. 

Rural Wisdom has been working alongside older people and others in Brechin and Edzell and that part of North Angus. Transport was an issue that came up often – both for the problems people had in getting about and then in the knock-on effects when people were no able to use other services and be part of what is going in.   

These are some of the things we’ve been doing this year.

  • We gathered older people’s experiences and views and shared them – our Travel Tales.
  • Local people visited other rural places that have good local community transport, to find out how they are doing things. The contacts through the Rural Wisdom project were very helpful here as there are good things happening in Highland Perthshire and in Pembrokeshire, for example.
  • A group of local people are meeting to keep things moving on and keep in touch with other community groups.
  • Folk from the Transport Group went to the Scottish Rural Transport Conference to find out more.
  • We are talking to possible partners and funders and making plans for a new project to get practical solutions going.
  • We fed in the experience of people in our area to the discussions and consultation on Scottish Government policies for Older People and on the future Transport strategy.

Our next stage is keeping the conversations going and finding solutions that will give people in this part of Angus more transport choices and opportunities.