by Shereen Devine – working with communities in rural Flintshire

Over the last couple of months, I have had the opportunity to get out and about to spread the word of Rural Wisdom to other communities across Wales.

Here in Wales, we are fortunate to have an Older People’s Commissioner. Helena and her team do fantastic work to protect the rights and safety of our older people, including Ending Ageism, Stopping Abuse and Ageing Well.

They aim to make Wales the best place in the world to grow old. The Ageing Well element has made the team aware of Rural Wisdom and our community development work.

My community of Leeswood having been making great progress to become an age-friendly community; however, the bus company has now stopped driving to the older people’s bungalows, which is not people-friendly never mind age-friendly. Anyway, let’s not get started on transport today! Leeswood are also ahead of the game as they have recently decided to become a dementia-friendly community at the same time.

The Commissioner’s office believe that other communities would like to hear about our projects. Rachel and I and have been invited to attend various ageing–well events to talk about Rural Wisdom. 

I have enjoyed meeting many new people representing their communities. It is always great to hear about what other people are doing and take away ideas. I am sure people will be taking away some of our Rural Wisdom ideas. The question people always ask is, how can we bring Rural Wisdom to our community?

Next month, I will look forward to telling you about the Lunch Club in Leeswood and Pop up Cinema in Holywell.