Last week Rural Wisdom took up residence in the Edzell Community pop up shop to open up some conversations, gather ideas and give out jam.  We really enjoyed meeting so many local-residents and feel we learned lots more about the local area, what’s important to folk and how we can contribute to ensuring Edzell thrives as an age-friendly community. 

From our conversations it’s very clear that residents of Edzell and the surrounding area feel there’s a strong community spirit in the area.  We heard this through our potting-shed consultation and it’s great to keep hearing it!  Initiatives like The Cottage, the gardening club, and the local charity shop and the pop-up shop scheme are clearly valued and valuable in creating opportunities for community connection.  

There were also a few ideas for what folk would like to see more of – including Bingo, more tea parties and more intergenerational activities.  We also heard a bit about some of the ongoing issues for local people including the accessibility of the local hall and the challenges with changes to the library service. 

As well as local residents, visitors to Edzell also dropped in: they shared how friendly they found Edzell and that it was an easy place to get around, always clean and a great place to visit.  


Our conversations at the pop-up shop were useful in confirming that we’re on the right track with the actions we’re taking forward (lots of people said they’d really enjoyed the teadance!), as well as giving us some ideas on what else we might take forward in 2018.

Thanks to Anne from Outside the Box, Edzell is now well-stocked with jam and a number of local residents will be receiving the lovely blankets we raffled!