A word from Milford Haven…

An October update from our Rural Wisdom Development Worker in Milford Haven

Autumn is thinking of arriving in Pembrokeshire but constantly changing its mind – unseasonably warm one minute and bitingly cold the next. My hens are putting themselves to bed at 5pm so something is definitely changing……

Plenty has been happening in Milford – Jackie, Norma and Pam have worked really hard in the lead-up to the launch of the new luncheon club and Rural Wisdom has provided some support in the process. The first luncheon was held on the 1st November so I will tell you all about that next month.

Our Wednesday morning social sessions at the Pill Centre have a regular small membership now – I think 30 people have called in since we started back in August. 8 of those have been workers supporting the group activity, bringing people along with them or calling in to provide information. I can tell you that the Scrabble is savage – not for the faint-hearted.

On the 4th October, the usual games session was followed by a visit from Matt of the Electoral Reform Society as part of their Missing Voices campaign. This fits right in with Rural Wisdom helping local people to have a voice and we had a good debate about politics and voting. Bringing Matt to us was the idea of Dewis – Jess and her colleagues provide advocacy for folk who need it.

The What’s On events listing continues to go down well and plans are afoot to make it sustainable to produce in the coming months – I have had some great chats with friends at the Town Council about this so we will see what happens.

The Campaign to End Loneliness has been visiting various locations around Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire and Volunteering Matters has been keen to support local worker Clare. We are keen for Rural Wisdom to play a part in this campaign – so much of what we do within the project is about bringing people together and communicating with each other.

Lastly, on the 13th November, Volunteering Matters shines the spotlight on its varied work with older people throughout the country. Rural Wisdom will be highlighted in information going out to the network of the Wales Commission for Older People and elsewhere – have a look at our website, Facebook and Twitter to keep abreast of news and events during the week.

Until next month,


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