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The Care & Wellbeing Co-op

East & Highland Perthshire, Scotland

It was recognised that in rural Perthshire there was a need for more opportunities for innovative, person-centred support for older people. This led to the Care and Wellbeing Co-op which was established to bring together those who need care and support with co-op members who provide care and well-being services.

The Co-op offers lots of different ways of giving support to people living in this rural area which enable them to have more choices and have a good quality of life. This includes support with such things as care at home, travel to community lunches, swimming, volunteering at biodynamic gardening and taking up hobbies again like photography .

One of the strengths of services and other supports that are very local is that the people providing them know the area and can use their collective strengths to be flexible and respond to what people need. In this case, there have been occasions when no other service was available but Co-op was able to provide support when this was really needed.

Contact: / 07548 257436

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