Rural Wisdom is a project that was specifically designed to evolve and grow and it continues to do so as we help people learn from and support each other within and between communities. Due to the impact of the Covid19 pandemic the project has adapted to offer a range of virtual events offering support on a range of subjects. 

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Details of our upcoming events are listed below including how to register to book a place and join us.

Rural Conversation Webinars

Join Us! We invite you to a series of short events that aim to generate conversation around the issues that matter to older people in rural communities. Our webinars bring together a range of people to offer different perspectives on the challenges and solutions. We hope this inspires you to take the conversation back to your own community, along with the contacts and ideas from the event.

The ‘Conversation’ events are for anyone living in, or working alongside, a rural community. We’re also keen to hear from individuals, groups and organisations who have experience of the topics we’re discussing, so if you have something to share please get in touch with us.

A conversation about…
Community Solutions for Health and Social Care in Pembrokeshire – Tuesday 9th November, 2.00pm-3.30pm

Image with green and purple background with description of event - a conversation about community solutions for health and social care in pembrokeshire

The past year has reminded everyone what an important contribution community groups and voluntary organisations make in complementing and extending health and social care services.

In Pembrokeshire there are successful innovations that are having a big impact. This starter conversation features 2 of them – PIVOT, an established partnership, and the new work around the development of the Pembrokeshire Hub.

This session will offer overviews from people leading the work in Pembrokeshire and there will be opportunities to ask questions. The conversations will be useful for people in rural parts of Wales and Scotland who want to find out more. We also welcome people from other areas who want to find ways to enable people to get home from hospital quickly and safely, or are developing the links between health, social care and community supports.

To find out more about the event and the initiatives mentioned, or to book a place visit Eventbrite

Rural Wisdom Event Roundup. Catch up on any events you missed and get a summary of the key points and resources.

Conversation Starter 1 – Fuel Poverty and Renewable Energy

This webinar explored Fuel Poverty and Renewable Energy: How can we heat our homes, reduce our costs, and live more sustainably?  The speakers at this webinar were: Delyth Higgins (Renew Wales), Joan Megson (Energising Moray) and Liz McKnockiter, Local Activist.  Read our roundup of the Fuel Poverty and Renewable Energy webinar.

Conversation Starter 2: Connecting Men

In this event we heard about the newly formed project, men2men which is for, and led by, men in rural communities around Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, and Ceredigionshire in Wales. They are developing a range of activities that offer opportunities for men to connect, share and support.

South Lanarkshire Mobile Mens Shed shared how they are making the Men’s Shed movement work for rural communities. We heard about their innovative mobile shed, the difference it makes for local men, and key learning from their journey.

Read our Conversation Starter Roundup Connecting Men.

Conversation Starter 3: A conversation with The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales.

This session provided a chance to hear from Heléna Herklots, who is the current The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Cymru Older People’s Alliance, and to explore what learning Scotland can take from the Commissioner’s journey in Wales.

Read and share our RW CS3 Older People’s Commissioner for Wales Summary