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Eaglesham is a village in East Renfrewshire with a population of just over 3100 people. It is a beautiful village with many listed buildings. It has a long, interesting history; developed in 1769 by Alexander Montgomerie and designed around an orry – an area of land which now provides a wonderful green space with spectacular mature trees. For more information please contact The Eaglesham History Society.

This rural community is a bit different to our other Rural Wisdom areas. Eaglesham sits approximately 10 miles south of Glasgow and just a few miles from the large town of East Kilbride. This makes Eaglesham a popular place to live as it can offer the best of rural and town life. However, we’ve been hearing from local people that the location also brings challenges, particularly if you are no longer able to drive. It is assumed that people can travel the short distance to other areas to access facilities and services; this is made very difficult by the lack of public transport.

We asked people what makes Eaglesham a good place to live. Some mentioned its favourable geography, others spoke about their great neighbours and sense of community. It was also noted that Eaglesham has some great community groups that cover a wide range of interests and ages. We enjoyed getting to know many of these groups over the summer and at community events such as The Summer Fair and the Doors Open Day.  Our Eaglesham ‘Summer Tour’ also took us to some of the community spaces in the village where we were given a warm welcome: The Carswell Centre, Montgomerie Halls and the Eaglesham Library.

We are continuing to meet people to hear about their ideas and how they want to be part of their community. When we started we focussed on people living in Eaglesham, but people told us that this community includes people living in Waterfoot, so we will also be hearing from people living in Waterfoot and the surrounding area.

What are we doing?
In November, local older people and group representatives came together at the Vision for Change event in Eaglesham. Over 35 people shared their ideas and experiences, and discussed the challenges and opportunities that they would like to explore through the Rural Wisdom project.

5 key areas of development were identified:

1) Improving communications

2) Better transport

3) Effective community facilities

4) Improving street safety for pedestrian accessibility

5) Strengthening intergenerational connections

Over the coming months we will be working alongside local people and groups such as Eaglesham and Waterfoot Community Council and The Regeneration of Eagleshams Environment (TREE). Together we’ll nurture what’s already there as well as try out some new ideas.

If you would like to chat about this or be involved in any way, please contact Kate Robertson: kate@otbds.org / 07841015945.

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