Over the last year, we’ve been sharing videos about good practice from the many projects Rural Wisdom has been involved in across Scotland and Wales since 2017. 

The ideas in these videos are intended to inspire and educate people to take action and make improvements in their own communities across the UK.

Community Transport

Transport has been raised as an issue in every community we have met throughout our Rural Wisdom journey. We have met with community transport organisations throughout Scotland and Wales, exploring the challenges and solutions. We’ve come across brilliant projects, like Pembrokeshire Association of Community Transport Organisations (PACTO), who are developing new, innovative transport solutions. This short video shares some of our transport highlights.

Climate Change

Rural Communities across Scotland, Wales and beyond are leading the way in tackling the climate crisis. This video below highlights the approach taken by local people and community organisations in Moray, supported by Rural Wisdom.

This video is a recording of our guest speakers presentations at the Fuel Poverty and Renewable Energy webinar, April 2021.

Social Action

Rural Wisdom supports people to get involved in improving their communities for themselves and others. We took time to listen to local people and understand the challenges and strengths of each community. We were able to bring people together to have different types of conversations by taking different approaches. From tea and cakes to national policies – this clip shares come of the ways we supported local people to use their voice and take action.

Social Care

Rural wisdom encourages people to share ideas and encourage each other. Whether it’s virtual events or in-person, there’s been no end of idea-swapping. This video details the different ways that we’ve worked on reducing the challenges of getting support for older people. 

Connecting Men

This video is about the work that Rural Wisdom has been doing to ensure better support and activities for older men. It details a Rural Wisdom event aimed at connecting men with presentations from men2men in south Wales and the mobile Men’s shed in South Lanarkshire and highlights the ways that community support changed during the pandemic. 

This video is a recording of speakers at the Rural Wisdom Connecting Men event in May 2021. Our conversation starter sessions bring people together to talk, reflect and share ideas about rural connections, resilience and inclusion.

Borders Rural Wisdom

This video is about the journey of Rural Wisdom in the Scottish Borders and the routes taken in different areas.


Rural Wisdom is working to make rural communities work well for people as we get older and for other people who live there.

This video celebrates the achievement of the Rural Wisdom project from 2017 to 2022. 

We started working in the Scottish Borders in late 2018, and this video celebrates some of what we have achieved so far.

Additional resources available highlighting Rural Wisdom’s key achievements can be found here

Borders Buddies

Borders Buddies Borders Buddies is supporting groups & individuals in the Tweeddale locality of the Scottish Borders return to ‘normal activities’ as restrictions ease after the Covid 19 pandemic. This video is a taste of the story so far.

This videos shows the impact of the project over the last two years during Covid.

Digital Buddies

This video gives you a summary of our Digital Buddies project which supports older people across Scotland to connect them digitally.

The below videos from the Digital Buddies project outline various ‘How To’ guides for new digital users.

British Sign Language versions of these videos can be found on our Youtube channel.

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