Another area we looked at during our event in Duns back in November was Bus Stops & Pavements as a persons journey begins the minute they leave their home so that includes are the pavements even?, does the bus stop have a shelter? Or is their benches for resting?

Issues raised

Many of the issues raised were specific to Duns although I am sure they will also be true in other areas too. The issues raised include:

  • Cars parking in the bus stops
    • The bus then needs to stop on the road blocking the road to the other traffic
    • Space is not always available to lower the ramp
    • Passengers need to squeeze between cars to get on/off the bus
  • Bus stops not always positioned in a safe place especially in the narrow streets in Duns. It means that other vehicles are squeezing past the bus whilst passengers are getting off the bus.
  • Not many of the bus stops have a shelter, not ideal for the Scottish weather
  • No bus stop within area of Boston Court/Station Road/Station Avenue – All have supported living/sheltered housing on them.
  • Many of the pavements are in desperate need to repair, they are a real trip hazard.


Other than feeding in the issues to the relevant departments and Scottish Borders Council the only solution we came up with was to enlist the help of Living Streets as they have made a difference in many areas including Hawick.

Next Steps

It was agreed that Living Streets and Rural Wisdom would hold an event in each of the localities.

Further information

More information about Rural Wisdom in the Borders can be found on our website or you can contact Christine.


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