March and April update from Flintshire by Shereen Devine

I thought I would tell you a little about my new region. Holywell is the 5th largest Town in Flintshire with a population of around 15000, including surrounding villages. The Centre of Holywell is divided into 5 areas, Pen y Mas, The Strand, The Holway, The Town Centre and Greenfield Valley. I will be working with The Town Centre and The Holway and, will aim to venture to the bottom of Greenfield Hill, with Older Persons accommodation and organisations, I felt we must include it.

When I first moved to Wales in 2002, I lived in one of Holywell’s surrounding villages, so it has been exciting for me to return to Town Centre. There have been many changes over the years; The Somerfield store is now Home Bargains, Woolworths now a Weatherspoon’s, major Supermarkets have popped up and the Banks have left the High Street. I am sure this is the picture on most High Streets; it is on mine. However not all changes are negative; my old favourite Chippy is still open, which I am sure I will visit once or twice over the next two years.

For many years, Holywell High Street was a pedestrianised area; although it looked, charming, it was of the detriment to local businesses. After years of campaigning, the local business group have changed this, and traffic is now allowed through with free parking available.  Local business people have seen a marked improvement, and The High Street feels busier.  I do hope that people will be considerate with these spaces, allowing those who need to park closer to the shops the opportunity to do so.

Interesting Facts
Holywell is named after St Winefride’s Well, a place of pilgrimage for over 1300 years. Greenfield Valley has its own heritage park including ancient monuments and if you are fit enough to walk up Pen Y Ball hill, you can see Blackpool Tower.