We’ve been part of 2 events where people living with dementia are sharing their experience to help other people live well.  

Living Well with Dementia, Birnam 

Agnes Houston was the speaker at our event at Birnam Arts.  Agnes talked about sensory changes she and many other people living with dementia experience, and what they have found makes it more manageable.  

We had the booklets that Agnes developed and our Food Buddies resources to help people with eating and cooking, which have all been produced with support from Life Changes Trust.   

The event brought together people affected by dementia and workers from a wide range of places and roles in our Rural Wisdom areas in Highland Perthshire and Angus. People liked the practical suggestions which they can use in day to day living for themselves or for people they care for.     

We love working with Agnes and it was great to see how her recognition of the problems and positive approach to finding solutions to let her get on with her life inspired other people.  

Eat Well, Drink Well, Age Well, Edinburgh

In Edinburgh we were at Eat Well, Drink Well, Age Well… Stay Nourished at Home Instead Senior Care Edinburgh.  We met people affected by dementia and workers in care at home services and care homes who are looking for tips to make life better for the people they are supporting.   

It is good to see how peer support among people living with dementia and their families s benefitting more people in more places. 

Quotes from the events

 “I’ve had a great day. How fantastic to have so many people come together to share experiences and advice. Great things happen when we support each other.” Agnes 

“We were very lucky with our GP; they were great with the diagnosis and support although not everyone has that. More events like this would be really good for people here.” Participant 

“I work in a care home and didn’t know about some of the issues that Agnes raised. I’m taking her booklets back there and we’ll be doing some of her tips – they’re easy changes to make.” Participant 

“Events like these bring together such a wide range of people who all have so much to contribute – the knowledge and stories shared today have been fantastic. The honest discussions, the challenges and the successes, the laughter and sense of humour shared today really gave us a glimpse of what it is to live well with dementia.” Kate Robertson 

“I had never thought of using a smaller or contrasting colours before, I am definitely going to try that with mum” participant 

“ Soon as I get back to the care home I’ll be sitting down with the chef to put some of these tips into practice” participant 

Links to relevant materials

Presentation by Agnes and Kate at the Living Well with Dementia event
Dunkeld Sensory Changes Presentation

Agnes’ Taste and Smell booklet 

Taste and Smell hints and tips film

Food Buddies Project