by Shereen Devine

I am wondering if the end of the month it is far too late to wish people a happy New year; however as it is my first Blog of the year, I do feel it is appropriate, so Happy New Year.

The Leeswood & Pontlbyddyn Age – Friendly Steering group have recently signed up for Time Credits. This is a fantastic opportunity to reward volunteers for all their hard work with vouchers for local attractions from theme parks to Castles. If you are not familiar with Time Credits, please do click on the hyperlink. Time Credits We are hopeful that this will encourage younger members of the Community to offer their time.

The group have also been successful with a grant of £150 to hold a winter celebration. Plans are underway for a Meal and entertainment in the Community Centre. I will look forward to telling you about it. We are also seeking out further funding opportunities.

 I am beginning to spend part of my Week with the Community of Holywell, an old Market Town in Flintshire. This Community is much bigger, so it is going to be a very different experience for me. They already have an Age & Dementia Friendly steering group established, a few of the members have trained as Dementia Champions, and they are now beginning to offer Dementia Friend training within the Community.

As I type my little blog, I am unable to drive out of my road; we have not had a lot of snow but enough to make driving difficult and for the College to cancel today’s tablet course.  Village residents have informed me that roads in and out of the Village are unpassable. 

We are not equipped to deal with a bit of bad weather. During these weather conditions, I encourage people to check on a neighbour; perhaps they need a pint of milk, a path cleared, the bins putting out.  Perhaps they just need to know that someone cares.