A Rural Conversation – your chance to have your say

People in rural communities and businesses have been contributing to the development of a plan to develop Scotland’s rural economy.

The report is called ‘A Rural Conversation: Together We Can, Together We Will’. It is now out for wider consolation, so everyone can contribute their experiences and ideas.

The consultation closes on 24th July.


The rural economy is all the ways people in rural areas create and use services as well as goods. It is also about how the good things that come from rural areas – ideas as well as food, tourism and other things that people enjoy – contribute to the wellbeing of everyone in Scotland.

The report was brought together by the National Council of Rural Advisors, which brings together people from lots of independent roles and bodies. They started by having conversations with people in rural places. www.ncra.scot

A lot of the rural economy is led by small, micro (tiny) and family businesses. It is built on creativity, collaboration, innovation and resilience. 
 People who live in rural areas are contributing by buying from local shops and services, working in them and being part of the local community.

The vision is for national policies that understand and support the way rural areas work.

Themes in the report are:

* The contribution that people make

* Infrastructure – we need better broadband, transport and other services

* The ways in which the rest of Scotland benefits from what happens in rural areas – which is not recognised enough.

Points from Rural Wisdom experience:

A lot of the points that are described here are similar to the points we are hearing.

* Older people rely a lot of local businesses and the impact is often harder on them when local services close.

* The innovative care and support services that the report mentions are making a big impact and it would be good if there was much more support to develop these approaches in other areas – which is one of the report’s recommendations. (It is good to see Growbiz highlighted as they have been a friend to Rural Wisdom from the early planning and ideas stage.) www.growbiz.co.uk

* There could be more about the contribution that older people make in using businesses and in keeping communities alive and successful in our roles as volunteers, friends and neighbours.

How to respond to the consultation

You can respond to this consultation here.

You can save and return to your responses while the consultation is still open.

Please ensure that consultation responses are submitted before the closing date of 24 July 2018.

Or you can send your response to

Rural Economy Policy Team

Scottish Government

Broomhouse Drive

Saughton House B1 Spur

Edinburgh, EH11 3XD

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