Communities working together- a March update from Shereen!

The development of the Community cafe continues here in Leeswood, these things often take longer than planned; however, I am confident that we are making progress. The Public Protection Team, have been out to give us some advice, so we now have a clear understanding of what we need to do to become an operational cafe. I am meeting with the Community Centre Committee this week to finalise all the plans. Members of Bethania Church have joined forces, it is fantastic when different Community groups work together. June from the Leeswood news is doing a Wing Walk for her 60th birthday and has kindly offered to use this as an opportunity, to raise much needed for funds for the Cafe.

Rachel & Natasha popped over for a quick visit, we looked at a couple of hotels in preparation for our conference in November, when we will welcome our Scottish friends. Carol Clifford, from NDti, also popped over for a visit. Carol held an evaluation session; the session was well attended ,including 20 Community members, Owl Cymru Flintshire County Council and the Youth service. This was a great opportunity for people to have their say on how the Rural Wisdom project could be evaluated.

We are looking forward to tomorrow as the Over 60s group will be having their first film afternoon, if it goes well this could be the first of many. I have agreed to be the Ice cream lady, my local Film Club, has been very kind and allowed me to borrow their Ice Cream tray. I will share the photo next month!

I am taking some time off over Easter and looking forward to some family time, with 4 generations staying in my house, I am hoping there will be plenty of Chocolate.