People living in rural areas need social care and other support to let them have a good life, just as people living in towns do.

The arrangements are not perfect for people living in towns, but people living in rural areas often have a lot less choice and sometimes find it hard to get any support at all.

  • Many care providers based in towns find there are practical problems and won’t come out that far.
  • People can get a Direct Payment to organise support themselves – but then have to find someone to deliver that service.
  • It is even hard to get the information and advice to make those choices – because those services also don’t always reach people in rural areas.

The result is that some people have move away from the place they know and love in order to get support. That can include moving into a care home before they want and need this type of care.

The good news is that there are people who are developing new solutions. And these have the potential to work for people who live in towns too.

We have a Discussion Paper based on what we are finding through the Rural Wisdom project.

We are interested in hearing about the experiences of other people and places. Please share your examples of the ways people in your rural areas get support and information. We can then bring together the ideas – and hopefully people – to spread what we are all learning and benefit more people.