In November, over 35 people came together to explore how the communities of Eaglesham and Waterfoot can be better places to live for older people. Village residents joined representatives from community groups, community council, local businesses, voluntary sector and local authority at The Carswell Centre in Eaglesham.

Together we discussed what was working well, what could be better and what local people wanted to contribute to their own communities. We looked at ways that we could nurture what was already happening, as well as try out some new ideas.

We are looking at what is working well in other areas, such as the community transport association in Pembrokeshire. Some of the actions identified at the Vision for Change event have been taken on by local groups such as the Eaglesham and Waterfoot Community Council. Others are being followed up by individuals who have an interest in that particular issue.

We hope to have an update of the Rural Wisdom work in Eaglesham and surrounding areas published in January 2018. In the meantime, if you would like more information about the work in these communities please contact Kate,