A day in the life of a Rural Wisdom worker…

Our North Angus Rural Wisdom Development Worker, Shona, tells us about what she loves about this work:

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our jobs is visiting other community groups, to raise awareness of our project and to seek the views and opinions of participants about our work.

One such group is the Acorn Club which is held weekly in Brechin Cathedral Hall, between September and April with the aim of “to meet old and new friends and to use our time constructively in an enjoyable manner”.

I had the pleasure of joining this group the other day, and alongside the Killwhang Bell Ringers who were visiting from Stonehaven. We were treated to a performance by the visitors who had all started out as complete novices 10 years ago, building up to the current group of 15 accomplished players. They played a mix of old and new tunes on 12 sets of bells with a gentle, soothing sound that all present sang along to, tapped their feet, or clapped their hands (my particular favourites were the “Cradle Song” by Schubert and Elvis Presley “Love me Tender”). 

After the tea break, I had the chance to ask members of the group their views about their preferred activity from a list of suggestions, this information will be helpful in developing our Older Peoples Taster Sessions which we’re hoping to get going in the area over the coming winter. I was also able to talk about our upcoming Open Invite to discuss a new Older Persons Hub on the 14th November.