What are the main challenges for people living with dementia in rural Wales? Alzheimer’s Society have put together a very helpful report which clearly outlines why dementia in Wales’ rural areas is something which needs to be addressed, gives examples showing how people are impacted now, and makes recommendations for policy changes to make things work better.

The report highlights the fact that Wales has a particularly large rural population, with a growing number of older people living in its rural areas, advising further research in to this demographic.

It gives first-hand examples of people’s experiences, and sets out the policy challenges which lie beneath the surface of these; particularly around areas such as transport options, access to services, digital inclusion and Welsh language provision.

The report concludes with a proposal for a dedicated Dementia Strategy for Wales, alongside an updated Rural Health plan.

We are working with communities in Wales and Scotland through our ‘Rural Wisdom’ project to find out how our rural areas can work better for older people and what we can do to support the changes that are required. We look forward to keeping an eye on the developments following this report, with the hope that the Welsh Assembly will look deeper in to the issue around dementia in rural areas and enact on recommendations. These changes should in turn benefit the wider communities as a whole, as well as providing inspiration to other areas across the UK.

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I used to love going on the bus and with my dementia, it helps to keep me stimulated. But, there is only one bus a week now to one place – so even that’s limited. It wasn’t always like this, there used to be quite a few to different areas