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Rural Wisdom is...

...the project that listens to the voices of older people and empowers them to lead change in rural communities across the UK.

Our achievements to date include

  • Listening to over 3,200 older people in rural areas and embracing their ideas, big and small 
  • Helping new community groups get started and existing ones keep going 
  • Delivering over £370,000 of funding for local activities in a range of rural communities 
  • Contributing to policy making to ensure long-lasting national impact 
  • Bringing people together in a network of connected communities across the UK 

Timeline Infographic

Listening to older people

Rural Wisdom creates spaces for older people and others in rural communities to have a say. We complement and support all routes for people to contribute their views and ideas. We champion issues that matter to older people living in rural communities, even though they may not traditionally be thought of as older people’s issues. 

Sharing learning

Rural Wisdom offers a space for people to hear about what is happening in other areas and learn from what other people find useful. We make connections and work with new and existing partners who are working on issues that matter to people living in rural areas. Rural Wisdom is a project that was specifically designed to evolve and grow and it continues to do so as we help people learn from and support each other within and between communities.

Supporting age friendly communities

Rural Wisdom helps people come up with practical solutions that make life easier for people in their community. We get new things started and support existing activities to adapt. We showcase the many ways in which older people contribute to their communities and help them find more ways to lead and support others to get involved. 

Get in touch

If you have a story about a local initiative that started from a conversation with an older person, an intergenerational community event, or something that has had a positive impact for people living in rural spaces, we want to hear from you! Get in touch with our team via our contact form, on 0141 419 0451, or via email at hello@ruralwisdom.org

Keep up with all things Rural Wisdom via our blog and by signing up to our newsletter.

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Rural Wisdom
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2 months ago

Rural Wisdom

Zero Carbon Moray !Making the green recovery work for Moray.
We are in a climate crisis, and we have to move to a net zero carbon world. What does that mean for ourselves, our communities, and our businesses? We have to change the way we heat our houses, and travel, and adapt business practices.

We can do this and at the same time bring benefits to communities across Moray by making positive changes. The potential for new green jobs in Moray is huge, as is the chance to reduce fuel poverty, and improve transport and community resilience. Moray is rich in renewable energy potential – wind, solar, air, and sea. Let’s make the Moray green transition faster, and fairer.

The Moray Climate Action Hub plans to:
• Help communities find community renewable energy solutions by coming up with replicable energy plans for different types of Moray communities
• Give information to individuals about organisations and funding that can help them with insulation and renewables
• Be a proactive link between businesses and communities. What are the potential win -win situations? District heating from waste heat? New businesses opportunities in Moray?
• Communicate information about taking up carbon in Moray on land and at sea through tree planting, regenerative agriculture, no mow months, etc.

The Moray Climate Action Hub will be set up by Community Energy Moray. We are already collaborating with Moray Council, HIE, the Chamber of Commerce, Trees for Life, renewables businesses, and tsiMoray. We aim to initiate and enable discussions between all sectors in Moray, with the aim of finding solutions.

#zerocarbon #greenrecovery #climatechange #fuelpoverty #decarbonisation #biodiversity #carbonsequestration #greenjobs

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